Saturday, March 23, 2013

Practicing multiplication facts with our sweet dixie cups!  They stack and move quickly as we learn those tough can make some for home too!  

Quite a fun time in science these days...
We are learning about MATTER - 
which means working with a lot of cool stuff.
What happens when you put flour, dish soap, rice, water, 
and air in a balloon?


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Clearly, I need people to bug me about posting on my blog!  (Thanks Ro!)  =)  
We have been extremely busy in room 306.  We are learning about a great many things these days.  We've made BIG changes in Dear Mrs. McGee...and so far, I think it's really working!  Instead of focusing on writing the letter...we are focusing on one question about our reading.  We've always written about what we are reading, but we are now really focusing on how to respond with a few key INGREDIENTS.  We are using this RECIPE!  An added bonus, I love talking about this recipe, and any other, for that matter! The best part, it seems to be making sense to them as well.  Here's a look into what we've been doing...

Reader Response Recipe

1.  Use words from the question in your answer (turn the question around).

2.  Answer the question.  Look for a second part.  (Begin with “I think this because”)

3.  Provide 2 pieces of specific evidence from the text in your answer.

Add a text-to-self connection, if needed.