Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Ann Arbor Hands On Museum invades Haisley!
The AAHOM is a wonderful local resource and we were lucky enough (thank you PTO!) to have them visit us and let us do some cool CHEMISTRY experiments!  I was a very proud science teacherthey answered questions sooooooOooOo well, it was really impressive.  Ya to the hoo. 

Make sure you ask them about the experiments they were able to do and have them explain what happened!  

 What happens when vinegar and baking soda meet?  
 They make a gas!

 A golf ball sinks in water...
 doesn't it!?  Do you remember what it's called when they meet?  Estuaries are formed when freshwater meets up with saltwater.  

 Hey, why is that cube going to the bottom and NOT floating!?
 Sneaky ol' air.  When it's let out of the floats again!
 pH balances were cool enough to learn about on Lake Erie too.  MmMm, cabbage water anyone!?

Thank you to everyone at The Ann Arbor Hands On Museum!  We had a great time!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What?  Did you say...
Well, our teamMrs. McGee's Marvelous Marching (jet propelled) Manatees - now sporting laser technology guidance had a great time on Friday!  It was a lovely day and kids walked, ran, trotted and hustled! 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Detroit River and
Lake ErieWHOAH.

This is a SPECTACULAR field trip.  Truly.  It covers curriculum they started learning in our third grade science and social studies units (Habitats and Michigan) and continues covering our fourth grade curriculum (Nature’s Recyclers and Watery Earth, along with The Great Lakes and the important role they play in so many things).  How’d the day go?  Pure Michigan.  It will be impossible for me to tell you about everything, as our day was jam packedask your kids questions about the trip and get them TALKING about it! 

The weather was spectacular.  Yup, it was cloudy, and that was dreamy.  We weren’t hot and we weren’t cold.  The water was a bit choppy, but the boat ride was easy and everyone wore sea legs.  From the moment we embarked (fun new vocabulary, a cool bonus!) the vessel, we began our day of learning.  We broke up into four groups and were stationed in four separate places on our floating classroom.  Each group was completely engrossed in what they were doing and learning.

They learned how to tie knots, checked pH levels in water they collected from Lake Erie, played Beat the Teacher learning how things do or DON’T break down (plastic bottles, disposable diapers, cotton socksetc.), examined zooplankton, seaweed, watched an underwater camera cruise the waters, and SOOOooOOOoOO much more. 


Can you find the giant Bald Eagle's nest!?