Monday, February 27, 2017


In an effort to include some of the things YOU love about Haisley, please send your ideas to me via email.  We’d love to include the reasons you love our school when creating our Haisley brochures!  I’ve spent the last 19 years in this building and there are so many things that I LOVE about it.  I love the people I work with, the diverse group of students who walk through my doors, our unique Haisley traditions, and how our community is so supportive to all of our kids.  What do YOU love?

We are doing a lot of great work with FRACTIONS these days.  Adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators is a skill we have been working on all week.  Kids also spent time in the computer lab using IXL to practice this important skill as well.  If you are looking for something for them to practice at home, this is a great place to start!  IXL offers a lot of great ways for them to practice and it’s a skill that can be a little confusing so spending time practicing it over and over is a great idea.  We worked on section Q of IXL and kids will continue to do so this week as well. 
Can you find some words?  I see:  tee, wise, six, tie, ties, jet, jets...what can YOU find?

Have you ever played Boggle?  It’s a fantastic game and we have started to play it on Thursday mornings.  I project the game onto the white board using our Ladibug and kids try and come up with as many words as possible.  I have created a sheet that allows kids to continue playing after the projector is turned off and kids LOVE IT.  They are getting really good at finding words!  If you don’t know how to play, ask them!  It’s a great game to have at home too. 
Kindness Chain

We have been working on so many skills this year, but KINDNESS is something we keep coming back to.  Wonder is one of those books that really gets kids thinking and talking and a big topic we find ourselves discussing is CHOOSING KIND.  It’s in every aspect of this book and the conversations we have surrounding kindness within the book is really quite something.  They are really in tune with the characters and how they must feel.  The various different points of views help them to see things that they may not see otherwise, which really helps them to get a clear idea of what it means to the various characters within the book.  We have created a way to show other kids in the school our kind acts by writing them on a piece of paper and adding them to the kindness chain that starts at our classroom door.  The idea is that other kids will notice the chain and ask one of my kids what it is.  When that happens, my kids will explain that we write our kind deeds on this paper and add it to our chain.  Do you want to do one?  Over the weekend, I put the chain up in the hallway.  It goes from our classroom down the hallway, toward the 200 wing.  It currently stops just after room 302.  Our goal:  GET IT TO GO AROUND THE SCHOOL!  I can’t wait to see what happens. 
Biography Reports O-RAMA! 

What a fun way to show people what we learned about the people we read about.  Kids were so creative with the ways they displayed their information and everyone learned a lot about some very interesting people.  They shared their reports with their reading buddies on Friday.  Once they shared with their buddies, the first graders walked around the room to see other reports.  What fun it was to see everyone checking out the cool reports!  First graders were wide eyed and impressed with everything they saw! 
Here are some things we focused on:
  HOOKING our reader writing something that would make them want to open that pizza box and read more!
  Using our creativity to transform our pizza boxes into information super highways! 
  Writing clear and thoughtful sentences.
  Finding and writing interesting facts about our person.
  Editing our rough drafts.
Bravo!  What a wonderful writing project!
Next up:
Haisley Brochures
What do YOU love about Haisley?

These brochures will be used in area realty offices, our front office, and any place we think would help get the word out:  HAISLEY is the place to be!