Saturday, June 16, 2018


Thanks for the WONDERFUL year!  I am so lucky to have a job that I love.  I love your kids and am grateful I was able to spend my days with them.  They are an incredible group and I’m going to miss them.  I hope you have an amazing summer!  I hope to hear from you!  My address is:  809 5th Street, A2, MI  48103

For the record, she ate most of the bread before the end of the day.  She did give people small sample pieces.  :)  

This is one of my favorite market purchases of all time.  He ate kale as he walked the aisles of the market.  Fabulous.

The Snow Cone Lady is a genius.  

This is one of my favorite trips of the year!  I love hearing their comments as they wander through the market, talking with farmers and checking out the variety of things you can buy.  Market days are Wednesday and Saturdays.  Your kids would LOVE to go again!  There’s so much to do and see and you can get a lot for your money!  Going to the market with my mom is one of my favorite childhood memories.  The purchases were as diverse as they were!  Bread, kale, plants, donuts, snow cones, honey sticks and more!  SO FUN!

Summer Reading The Ann Arbor Public Library is AWESOME!

I went to the downtown library to get everyone a summer booklet.  They have the entire summer schedule at all 5 branches of the libraries.
I hope that your kids will choose to do some reading this summer.  We have talked about a wide variety of ways they can read without it feeling like school.  J  We looked at a cool book full of cool science experiments and talked about how you are reading while doing fun experiments.  Reading magazines is a great summer activity.  Magazines cover a wide range of interests and can be found at the library too.  Cooking with your kids is an excellent way for them to read.  It’s a fun activity that results in something delicious to share with the family.  Read the signs outside while drivingthere are billboards and trucks buzzing outside your car window.  Read maps and field guides when you are camping (or in your back yard!).  Read letters written to and from family members who live near and far.  Read TO them.  Have them read to YOU.  Listening to books is a great thing to do on long car rides, or before they hit the sack every night.  There are a lot of ways kids can practice these skills over the summer.  Thank you!

Lake Erie!

There are a myriad of animals that call the marshlands home!  

What an amazing trip this is!  Kids have SO much fun on the boat learning about our Great Lakes.  They test the pH levels of the lake and its clarity as well.  They put a camera in the water to see what they can see plants, fish, etc.  They learn how to tie knots (much like origami, I’m not very good at this!) along with what the various areas of the boat is called.  They learned about littering and how long things will stay in the lakes a baby diaper won’t go away for 400 years!  They read maps and learn about the lake basin and how the lakes fill and how long they take to do so.  There’s SO much to learn about our amazing lake system!  They also take a look at the marshland in Lake Erie Metro Park (ask them if they remember the difference between a marsh and a swamp!) and investigate critters under microscopes.  This is an amazing experience and I am so grateful that our fabulous PTO makes it possible for us to go! 

Water Tour
As part of our Watery Earth science unit, we researched things that could potentially harm the Great Lakes.  Kids learned about Asian Carp, Sea Lamprey, Nestle buying our water, and Line 5. 

Barton Dam

The bus is a classroom too!

The Ann Arbor Water Treatment Plant on Sunset Road.

Baseline Lake Treatment Plant

What a wonderful day!  Yay!  We had SO.  MUCH.  FUN.  We also learned a lot, which makes the day even better.  First stop:  Loch Alpine.  This is a small community located on the Huron River that serves 500 homes.  The sewage waste plant is totally cool.  They use plastic honeycomb shapes to help filter their water. 
Second stop:  Baselake sewage treatment plant.  This is a community farther west that serves around 1,200 homes.  They use a lagoon system to clean the water.  It’s quite amazing.  With sand, lagoons, and time, the water is cleaned and ready to use again in 100 days.  Truly cool.  We also saw deer and a HUGE wild turkey!
LUNCH!  We ate lunch at the Dexter Huron Metropark.  If you haven’t visited the area metroparks lately, you should.  Next up:  Barton Dam.  This is one of my favorite parts of our trip.  It’s such a gorgeous part of our city and using the power of water to create electricity is totally cool. 
Last stop:  Ann Arbor Water Treatment Plant!  As it turns out, we have one of the most amazing water treatment plants EVER.  Kids learned about the process of how their water is filtered and how complex of a process it really is.  This field trip is a gem.  The only thing better than the field trip is our guide Dave Szczygiel.  Dave is an absolute treasure.  He is THAT guy, you know, the one you go to when you have a question about ANYTHING.  He’s an amazing educator and has a fabulous rapport with the kids.  They love him.  The bus becomes part of our classroom on this trip and Dave teaches them about such a wide variety things during our day.  Thanks Dave!