Sunday, March 26, 2017

Unit 6 Vocabulary words

Using Partial Products to solve division problems

Division!  We are working on strategies to divide larger numbers.  This takes practice!

Partial Quotients is used to break down a problem.  Check it out!
Our Haisley Brochures

A work in progress!

A work in progress!

We continue to work on our amazing Haisley brochures.  Kids are putting a lot of effort into these brochures and we have learned a lot throughout the process.  This week, we talked about the editing process.  How do we edit our own work?  What will we need to do?  
To culminate our project, we will present our brochures to area realtors. Kids will also be giving tours of our amazing school as well.  We are working on ways to promote Haisley in our community.  This is an SPECTACULAR school and we want the people of Ann Arbor to know it! 
Flora and Ulysses

This is a fantastic book!  What’s it about?  A young girl named Flora and a squirrel.  Flora watched her neighbor accidentally vacuum up a squirrel with her new vacuum cleaner.  Flora saved the squirrel and is hoping it has acquired super powers because of the vacuum.  As it turns it, it may have.  The squirrel is unusually strong (he lifted the vacuum cleaner into the air with one paw to get food out of it)and he can TYPE.  Yup, type.  Here are some questions to ask your child about the book so far:
What is Flora like?  Would you like to be her friend?  Why or why not?
What do you know about Ulysses?
What does he think about?
What is Flora’s mother like?
Who/what is MaryAnn?

Make some predictions about this book.  What do you think will happen? 
March Book Madness

Which book was your favorite?
We, as a school, are listening to books on line and choosing our favorite out of two.  It’s set up like March Madness and has been a lot of fun.  We are down to the FINAL TWO books!  Ask your kids about the books and which one is their favorite.  Check out this siteit’s quite fun!  We just voted to put As Fast As Words Could Fly on to the final round.  The other book was sent up from the lower el and we will read that this week.  YahOoO!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Hill Auditorium Link UP!

On Wednesday, March 15th we went to Hill Auditorium to not only SEE the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra, but to be a PART of the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra.  What an amazing experience!  We are so lucky to have such gorgeous buildings in our midst!  Hill Auditorium never disappoints!  I love hearing the gasps from kids as we enter!  This was a really great presentation and kids were fantastic on their recorders!  They were a part of several songs and everyone was on point! 
James and the Giant Peach

Talent oozes from these kids!  WOW!  What an amazing production.  Singing!  Dancing!  Memorizing lines!  I LOVED every single moment of the entire production.  TALENT ABOUNDS!  I am so proud of EVVERYONE involved in this production!  Great work everyone!  Cast, crew, and all of the adults that helped to make this happenBRAVO!