Tuesday, March 15, 2016


What a fun project!  Kids write their poems over a few days, using brainstorms we did as a whole class.  What do you love?  Fear?  After writing the poem, kids typed their own poems in the computer lab.  I was really impressed with how quickly they were able to type and how great their poems look when printed.  Bravo!  Our self portraits were so much fun to make!  Using a template, they cut out a head and shoulder in construction paper.  Colored pencils are used to draw their faces, and yarn hair is added, giving the portrait dimension.  It was funny to see everyone bald!  We all agreed hair was important to add.  J  The finished products are WONDERFUL. 

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Young Fives + Book Fair = Adorable

We helped Ms. Rentz with the young 5s during the book fair.  Kids were paired with a cute (and super short!) young five.  The 4th grader led them around and wrote down their wish lists.  Once they finished their wish lists, they returned to the library to read to their new friends.  Holy cuteness Batman.  Your kids were amazing.  They read with inflection, changed their voices with each character, and helped their friends understand what was happening in the book.  So.  Fun.  Cute too!  J 
The Hands On Museum Visits Haisley

We are lucky to have such an amazing Museum on wheels in Ann Arbor!  The Hands On Museum visited on March 2nd and conducted a variety of experiments with your kids.  There was CHEMISTRY in the air!  What happens when you mix vinegar with baking soda?  What will happen when you fill a film canister with a little bit of water and alka seltzer?  What effect does salt have on water and things in the water?  How can we change the states of matter?  What does it look like when something goes from one state to another? 

Chemistry Vocabulary:  gas, liquid, solid, molecule, acidic, basic, chemical change, element, energy, matter, neutral, periodic table, pH scale, physical change, states of matter, surface tension, and vibration.  Thank you Haisley PTO for making all of these amazing experiences possible for our kids!  You guys ROCK!