Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Literacy Thoughts!

This is posted on a door in the classroom and used to write our thoughts about what we are reading.  I write a prompt on the board and they use a sticky note to write their response.  It's a great place to practice writing and a place we can put our thoughts about our reading down on paper.
Don't forget to ask questions after you read something at home.  Check the last page of their report cards for a list of questions you can ask.  It's important to not only read, but talk about what they are reading.  They write about their reading when they write Dear Mrs. McGee letters and it's fun hearing about the books they are reading.  

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I wonder how many times I will add to this blog today...hummmm.  Well, I talked with my chitlins about things I should put on our new blog and they had a lot of great ideas.  As it turns out, we are crazy busy in room 306!  We are constantly on the move - learning new things as much as we can.  

We have recently begun The Daily Five - a new approach to an old idea.  In The Daily Five, we concentrate on 5 things during our afternoon reading block.  
1.  Read to self
2.  Read to someone
3.  Listen to a book
4.  Write about your reading
5.  Word Study

While they are busy doing one of those five things - I am working with small groups in reading groups.  We are learning a lot about non-fiction books and will continue to do so throughout the year.  Ask your kids to list some of the elements of a non-fiction book.  Here are some things you might hear:  Table of contents, headings, labels, photographs, facts, maps, glossary, information about something real.  

Group B created portraits, but added a SHADOW.  Aren't they great?  We discussed shadows a lot when we first started our Solar System unit.  They are fab!

Self-portraits...with a TWIST!  We created new self-portraits, but added a new element.  Our OTHER SELF!  :)  Kids had a great time creating two sides of themselves...they created spectacular portraits!  Here are a few:

Welcome to my new blog!  This is an exciting moment!  WahOooooO!!
I will post things about my amazing too!  Welcome!