Monday, June 19, 2017

And, just like THAT, another school year is over!

Thank you for an amazing year!  Your children are FABULOUS human beings and I LOVED being their teacher!  This is always an emotional time of the year for me.  I spend a great deal of my life in that classroom and your kids become a piece of me.  They have learned SO much this year.  Thank YOU for all that you do for your kids, the help you give me, our school, and the community.  THANK YOU! 

Have a wonderful summer.  Remember, if your kids write ME, I will write back to THEM!  I love getting AND sending mail!  J 

This is another great assignment.  Kids think about all of the things that make them unique and special.  We begin by brainstorming in our writer’s notebooks and transfer our thoughts to the fingerprint (using pencil).  They trace over their words, once they edit their work, with pen.  We talk about how we change and how the things in our lives change too.  My fingerprints have changed over the years because of the new experiences I’ve had.  I love seeing the things they come up with!  Bravo!
The LAST homework assignment of 4th grade!

This is one of my favorite assignments.  WooT!  Such a wide variety of projects!  I loved them all!  Great work!


We had a HOT day at Vet’s Pool this year.  I have been on this field trip and had hot chocolate delivered because I was FREEZING!  Not this year.  This year, kids were in the pool from the moment we arrived until the moment we walked back home.