Saturday, June 18, 2016

The LAST homework assignment of 4th gradewas EPIC
What a wonderful assortment of projects!  On Wednesday, we took our projects to the multi-purpose room and opened it up for classes to come see our projects.  Kids walked around to tables and your wonderful kids explained what they did for their project and why recycling is so important.  We had several classes come through and it was wonderful.  This is something I haven’t done before (but because of Vets, we had more time on Wednesday) and I am going to forever include this part.  They were so proud of their assignments and it was really fun to watch them interact with the kids who came to see them.  Bravo!

You are nearly fifth grade students.  Thank you for a job well done.  I am very proud of all of you.  Please read the directions carefully!

You have been asked to create an object made from RECYLCED material.  The object you create must follow the rules.  You can use any kind of materials you can get your hands on - please ask permission from your parents before you use things in your house!
On a piece of LINED NOTEBOOK PAPER write (using your best handwriting) the following:
  I used the following materials: 
  I used these materials because:
  This is how I made my project:
  Recycling is important because:
You will present your final product to the class and give an ORAL presentation.  Don’t forget to practice!

Here are some guidelines:
  Your CREATION must be made from recycled materials.  Think about the things I showed you as an example and create something COOL!
  Create something decorative, useful or fun!  It should serve some sort of purpose.
  You must turn this assignment in ON Monday, June 13th.
  Your final product must be 3D.
  You CANNOT have help from an adult. 
(This is all about YOU!)
  You are free to use ANY materials you want.

Think creativly!  Do you want your creation to be useful?  Do you want someone to wear it?  Will it be used as a decoration?  Does it serve a purpose?  Does it solve a problem?  Could it be sold?  Who would want to buy it?  Create something THOUGHTFUL and MEANINGFUL. 

Your hard work will be evident.  If you don’t put effort into the proect, that will be evident too. 

Don’t forgetHAVE A TON OF FUN!