Saturday, February 17, 2018

Potato Chip Champ – KINDNESS

We are really talking about how to treat people these days.  This is something that everyone, including adults, need to be reminded of, and we take it very seriously in room 306.  I ask “Was it kind?” when talking to someone about something they’ve said to a friend or classmate.  It’s an easy question and they are easily able to identify if it was indeed kind or not.  Reading books every now and again about kindness (or anything we are dealing with) in class is a helpful way to start discussions too. 
Ask your kids to tell you about this book.  What was it about?  What happens?  Who were the main characters?

Great LEADS!

We continue to work on our BIOGRAPHY reports.  Next week, we will start our note cards that will be used during our living wax museum.  This will take place on Thursday, March 1st around 3pm.  Your kids will dress up as their biography person and guests will be able to interact with them and find out what they are famous for, what their childhoods were like, and any interesting information worth sharing.  They will become this person for the wax museum and they are all very excited about it.  They should start thinking of  ways they can dress up like their character.  I will help find props if you need them!  Let me know! 

Love this.  Leaving library, they are walking back to the classroom and are unable to put their books down.

Your kids love to read.  They are eager to have a chance to read during the day (they seriously cheer when it’s time to read) and LOVE talking about what they are reading.  We have learned so much reading our biographies, but I most enjoy watching what they choose from the library (both the classroom and school library), or what they bring from home.  They LOVE to read.  They love to share with one another.  They love discussing their books.  They are even learning to love writing about their reading!  This is a skill that will be used in every year of school.  I enjoy reading what they’ve written and love the discussions we have both as an entire class and in our various reading groups. 

Multiplication Facts

Kids really need to know these!  They love playing spiral multiplication (or heart multiplication on Valentine’s Day!) and can easily play at home too.  Please help your kids learn their facts!  THANK YOU!

Project Lead The Way
Our last day of PLTW was on Thursday.  Kids presented their completed games to their classmates.  The games were AMAZING.  I am always so impressed by what they are able to do as beginning coders.  I, as it turns out, am not a brilliant coder.  It’s wonderful to see kids who can code with the best of them, their first time trying.  I’d highly recommend chatting with your kids about coding.  If they liked it, please help them to learn more!  There are opportunities throughout Ann Arbor for kids to learn further in coding, and starting young is even better!  Ask your kids about their game.  What was the object?  Why did you decide to do that?  What was your inspiration?  What did you like about coding?