Sunday, July 24, 2016

My trip across the pond…

I hope you are all enjoying your summer!  I thought I’d post a few pictures from my trip.  It was a life changing journey and I am hoping it’s the first of many trips to London.  Wow.  What an amazing city.  Everything about London is amazing.  The people are kind, helpful, fashion forward, and interesting.  We happened to be there for a BREXIT, which was pretty crazy and historical.  I even got a STICKER about voting (they didn’t seem to care that I was an American!).  We spent four days in Ireland too.  So.  Much.  Fun.  I felt a connection the instant to the land and the people are AMAZING and SUPER FRIENDLY.  There are hedges EVERYWHERE.  The Irish are serious about their hedges.  And sheep.  A lot of sheep to be seen in the Emerald Isle!  It rained pretty constantly, which explains all of that green.  Enjoy my picturesand know that I’d love to get letters/postcards from your kiddos!  Yay!
These pictures aren't in any particular order...I tried, but was tired of arguing with them, so I gave up.
This is little cutie is from an Irish farm we visited.  We were able to wander around the farm visiting the animals.  We got to feed the cute sheep too!

The coast of Ireland - just above Dublin

As it turns out, I love taking pictures in the rain!  Good thing!

This is the view from our Airbnb in Ireland.  It was fantastic!  Just outside of Dublin in County Meath.

This is Trim Castle in Trim, Ireland.  This is where they filmed Braveheart.  What a cool and interesting castle!

Trim Castle in Trim, Ireland

The set of Matilda.  Wow.  The most amazing play I've ever seen.  It was spectacular.  It's one of my favorite Roald Dahl books...and the people of the Cambridge Theatre didn't disappoint.  Whoa.

The sets of Harry Potter!  What a cool experience!

Richmond, England

I am a fool for Hollyhocks.  This plant was right around the corner from where we stayed in England.  LOVE.

Flying into London!

Flying into Ireland!

We were lucky enough to have Kew Gardens less than a block from our house.  This is a photo of The Hive, which opened just before we arrived.  SO.  COOL.  Google it, it's worth your time, I promise.

Kew Gardens

The Hive

Voting day!  We only saw people supporting to REMAIN.  It was a complete surprise when we woke the next morning to the news that they had voted to leave the EU.

I LOVED taking photos of the architecture of England (and Ireland!).  Stone.  Brick.  Mortar.  Gorgeous.

Kew Gardens is immense.  One of my favorite spots within the garden...the lily pad house.  It's 900 degrees in there, but it's beyond gorgeous.

I took a few pictures of these iconic phone booths!  

We were lucky enough to live a block away from The Original Maids of Honour...SO. FUN.  High tea?  Yes, please!

The tube.  We took the tube every day!  I had my Oyster card delivered to me before I left and was able to use my card the moment we set foot in the UK.

The Thames

Windsor Castle

The Queen of England was at Windsor Castle when we were there.  We didn't see her, but I'm hoping she saw us!  :)

Landing in Ireland

This is one of my favorite Ireland photographs.  It was such a gorgeous country!