Sunday, March 18, 2018

Drama Circles

We LOVE DRAMA CIRCLES!  Everyone gets a part, and we go around in a circle performing the skit.  The one we did on Friday was based on the book Wonder.  Not as much fun as our first one (it was based a many fairy tales and was full of humor!) but it still was fun to do.  Mrs. Hahn’s class joined us and our class were the experts, sharing their tips with the kids in her class.   Ask your kids about how they work!  I purchased two more, so we will do them before the end of the year!  J 

Guest Reader

We love having visitors!  We were lucky enough to have Natalie’s grandparents visit us on Friday.  They were here to see the play (WOoooT!) and stopped in to read us a story.  Her grandpa (a former teacher and principal) read  A Bad Case of Stripes and kids LOVED it.  They talked about the story and how fun it was to have a visitor after they left for the rest of the day.  Don’t forget, YOU can be a guest reader on Friday, March 23rd!  We will have Camp Read-A-Lot and always have fun when people come in to read a story.  Sign up!

The Jungle Book

Holy cow.  What a production!  I am always impressed when I attend a play.  It’s always obvious how hard everyone has worked and I marvel at the talent both on the stage, behind the stage and in the light booth.  But, when you know EVERYONE in the play, well, that’s something special.  THEY WERE OUT OF THIS WORLD AMAZING!  I am in awe of the talent that we have in our building!  Thank you to EVERYONE who made this show possible.  What a wonderful thing to be able to do in elementary school!  BRAVO!

Invisible Boy
This is a lovely story.  Ask your children about what happens in the story and why Brian felt invisible.  What happened to change Brian’s life?  The illustrations were fabulous and showed him getting full of color – and becoming more vibrant by the end of the story.  The message was about being kind, but it was also about how it must feel when no one notices you.  They really enjoyed the story and I am always happy with how much they enjoy listening to books and talking about them with one another.  READ TO THEM!  Have them READ TO YOU!  READ!  I can’t say it enough! 

Link Up with the A2 Symphony Orchestra  @ Hill Auditorium

If I’m being honest, I was a little scared to attend this performance for the first time last year.  The thought of an auditorium filled with fourth graders ready to play their recorders was a little frightening.  As it turns out, it’s AMAZING.  The Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra is on stage – and they are phenomenal.  There is always something happening and throughout the performance, they are asked to play along – play songs they have learned with Mrs. Waldron.  They SHINE.  They BEAM.  They are MUSICIANS.  It’s WONDERFUL.