Sunday, February 24, 2019

Gordon Korman
This author has made quite an impression in our classroom this year.  Kids are reading his books and LOVED the Scholastic delivery made last week.  This is what happens when you buy books from book orders!  I have the chance to buy books they LOVE for our classroom library.  I bought a stack of his books and they flew off the shelves the moment they were checked in and ready to be added to the library.  He’s got a great sense of humor and his books are really entertaining.  I’ve read several and am a huge fan.  I’ve recommended several of his books to your kids and if they request these books, it’s my fault!  J  He often has books in the book orders (a collection is currently available and the price is right too!).  A club has been started tooThe Gordan Korman FAN CLUB is comprised of several kids (and me!) and will have opportunities to meet at school during our reading block!  WoOOoOT!  I love how excited they are!  He’s another author who has liked, commented and retweeted when I tagged him in a recent tweet.  That’s one of my favorite parts of Twitter.  Who knew all of these amazing authors would become such a large part of our classroom!?  SO COOL. 

4th graders Learn about Economics!
We started our unit on economics with the 4th graders this week.  They will learn vocabulary associated with economics, create a business, learn a variety of aspects of starting a business, and work with partners to create a business concept, plan, and promotion materials.  They are BEYOND excited about their prospective new business ideas.  We spent time brainstorming and discussing vocabulary words this week.  I am eager to hear their ideas and get started planning! 

I am reading with everyone and assessing them for report cards.  Their level doesn’t define them as readers.  I will never share their reading levels with them, as it has NOTHING to do with ANYTHING they need to know.  I want them to read.  I want them to laugh while reading a book.  I want them to WANT to read.  I want them to be able to discuss their thoughts and feelings about a book.  I want to hear their excitement when they start a new book.  I never want them to compare themselves or worry about their reading level.  Ever.  It’s one part of who they are as a reader.  You CAN help them at home.  Read to them.  Let them read to you.  Talk about books YOU loved as a kid.  Talk about books you love NOW.  Ask questions about the books they are reading.  Read around them.  It’s important for them to see how reading is important to you, and your life. 
These assessments allow me to hear them read out loud to me.  I can see improvements they’ve made and love hearing them answer questions too.