Sunday, December 9, 2018

Fractions!  Everyone is learning about fractions!  WooT!  4th graders are learning more about equivalent fractions and have just started learning about tenths and hundredths and how to write both decimals and fractions.  We are using fraction circles (or rectangles) and number lines a LOT.  Learning to divide things into equal parts has been our focus in the last few days.  

Here’s a math message from last week: 

Ten preschoolers shared 2 liters of fruit juice equally during morning snack.  How much juice did each student get? 

5th graders are also working with fractions.  They learned that conjecture is a prediction based on mathematics, and will be used throughout this unit.  

Here’s a math message from last week:

Christopher solved 2/3 + 1/2 and got 3/5.  Sam said “I think your answer is wrong and I can prove it without calculating.”  Show how Sam can prove that Christopher is wrong without calculating a solution. 

Nerdy Birdy TWeets

What a delightful book with a wonderful lesson included!  Nerdy Birdy is on a new app called TWEETSTER.  J  He quickly has 500 friends on Tweetster and his best friend Vulture isn’t thrilled with Tweetster (she thinks it’s boring), and Nerdy Birdy ends up posting a picture of her eating and making fun of her.  The lesson learned is a fabulous lesson for kids who are on the edge of the social media bandwagon.  The illustrations are fantastic and the kids laughed throughout the book.  Don’t forget to look in the picture book department when you are looking for presents for your kids (or birthday presents!).  You are NEVER too old for picture books.  If you don’t believe me, take a look at MY picture book collection.  J 

Edward Tulane
Edward's life cycle.  Ask your kids why his name keeps changing!

You may have heard that I cried on Friday while reading to them.  I’m incapable of reading this book without crying in a few parts.  I loved the emotion from my kids too.  Some were crying, others were consoling, and everyone was emotional!  Edward, our main character, has made incredible changes over the course of the book.  Please talk to your kids about how Edward has changed.  What was he like when he was with Abeline?  What is he like now?  What happened to change him?  Where is he right now?  What is he doing?  Something REALLY big just happened (someone threw Edward and broke is head into a bunch of piecesand everything went black).  Have them make predictions about what will happen next!  We will do this this coming week.  Don’t forget to read to your kids!  It’s SUCH an important part of becoming a better reader!  It doesn’t matter WHAT you are reading, it just matters that you are READING.  Reading together is a fabulous way to hear what they know, what they are struggling with, and what they get excited about.