Wednesday, August 22, 2018

21st year at Haisley....HERE I COME!  
Stella loves the beach and swimming.

Presley was born to live on the water.  She swims laps in front of our cottage and has to be physically removed from the water.  

She may be 11 1/2, but she plays like a 2 year old on the beach!  Being a little sore is worth it!

She carried this "stick" up and down our beach for two days.
I hope everyone is having an amazing summer!  We are doing our best to live our best life.  As you can see, both Presley and Stella take that very seriously.  I am SO eager to start school!  I am looking forward to an epic year and can’t wait to meet my new kids.  I hope you can come to the Haisley Hello on Wednesday, August 29th from 5:30 7.  I’ll be there mingling and smushing my kids, past and present!  I can’t wait!