Sunday, February 24, 2019

New Read aloud

We started a new book last week called EngiNerds by Jerrett Lerner.  It’s a book that involves a robot that farts, so it has been a hit.  I love reading books that have kids laughing out loud, and this book is full of reasons for kids to laugh out loud.  We have had great conversations about robots, engineers, writers, revisions of books, and sequels (the sequel to this book came out last week and it has arrived to our classroom and will be available for kids to read after we’ve finished the first book).  The author created a few story starters that we spent a little time working on this week too.  Hilarious illustrations have been created and stories to accompany them have too.  I’ve LOVED seeing their excitement while both illustrating and writing for this short exercise.  So much fun!  When they are excited about something, their work is so much better!  We are working on our creativity, using vocabulary words, and adding to our stories over a time (just a few days).  These are short exercises and are meant to be fun while practicing new and old skills.

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