Saturday, February 9, 2019

Comics!  Yay!

SoOoooO exciting!  I love connecting with authors on Twitter.  I'm always so surprised when they take time to not only like posts, but to respond as well.  

This was my favorite kindergarten wish of the day. SO.  SWEET.

I'm right there with you!  No thanks.

Postcards are so fun to write!  Try it!

We love books in our classroom, this much is clear.  But, it’s not just about the LOVE of a book that will get us to become better readers.  We are also learning strategies to use when reading ANY book.  This allows me to have kids read a much wider variety of books, and I can conference and spend time with individuals, partners, and groups regularly.  Well, if we regularly had school. We are also WRITING about our READING.  I like to shake this up too, so we are writing postcards to someone about the book Wishtree, the book we just finished by Katherine Applegate.  I’ve included a Twitter notice in these pictures because she responds to EVERY SINGLE TWEET I tag her in.  It makes me squeal every single time.  We are also creating COMICS about Wishtree, which is creating an entirely new level of excitement.  We also managed to get our Kindergarten buddies in on the Wishtree action, helping them write their own wishes!  Yay!

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