Sunday, December 11, 2016

We finished Matilda!
Labels are given to everyone and they are put directly into their Reader's Notebook.  They can use our anchor charts (which are displayed around the room) or come up with things on their own. 
What a great book.  There is so much for kids to talk about when reading this classic Roald Dahl book.  When we read a book out loud, we do a LOT of different things while reading.  I stop a lot when reading and ask them questions.  We also talk about the word choices and the differences between words in other countries when reading a Roal Dahl book.  All of his books are set in England, so there is opportunity to discuss the differences in words throughout the book. 

We wrote about the Trunchbull this week.  She’s quite a character.  The kids had a lot to say about her, and backed up their thoughts with EVIDENCE.  Please take the time to have your kids tell you ALL about her!  I loved reading their responses and truly enjoyed the illustrations as well.  Great work!

Using chart paper, we keep track of our thoughts.  You can see how much we do, in just one session!  We often work on these charts over a period of time and they are always on display in the room, allowing kids to look back at them.  Ask your kids about Matilda and all of the characters we met.  It’s a delightful book and the characters are quite interesting.  We will be reading short stories and pictures books until winter break, starting a new book in January.  Yay! 

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